Sunday, February 19, 2017

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Hare" - Limited edition of only 50

Hare's are special. I'm not sure what it is about these elusive characters that makes them so popular, could be their association with the end of winter...the spring hare, mad as a march hare, boxing hares, Watership down, they are an iconic part of the English landscape, though you don't see so many of them....they are truely special and much loved!

Well my "Hare" comes double mounted, sellophane wrapped, with backing board, hand signed and individually numbered, there will only ever be 50 of these produced, so get your hands on one before there gone. The original painting is sold, it was painted in watercolour and charcoal on saunders waterford paper.

The full size including the mount measures 48.3cms tall by 40cms wide, and they cost £65 plus delivery, collection can be arranged if you live in North Devon. If you have any questions please get in touch:

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Monday, November 24, 2014

"Lakeland Swaledale" Ram - limited edition of only 50

swaledale ram, for sale, lake district, watercolour painting

Inspired by my trip to the Hesket Newmarket agricultural show.

I have family who live in the lake district and love visiting, they live in Hesket Newmarket in the northern fells, a much quieter area of the Lakes, you can walk the hills and see very few others. Hesket is famous for the Old Crown pub which was Britains first co-operatively owned pub with micro brewery. The hills around these parts are scattered with sheep the likes of which I have painted above.

The original is a mixed media painting, using pencil, charcoal, watercolour and a splattering of gold acrylic ink painted on heavyweight watercolour paper.

I am doing a Limited Edition run of 50 of these, no more! As you can see above each one comes hand finished with gold ink, numbered on the print (bottom right hand corner), hand signed and named on the mount in pencil, double mounted (a good solid 4" wide), sellophane wrapped, with backing board ready to be framed. The image size is 41.5cms by 34.5cms, size including the mount 51.5cms by 44.5cms. They can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

I have 8 ready to go that can be shipped tomorrow, these are currently only for sale directly from me.
If you have any questions regarding the prints then please get in touch:

They cost £145 each plus postage.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Baggypoint from Putsborough beach - Oil painting

Baggypoint, putsborough beach, oil painting, north devon

It was a magical moment, the sun was setting and I found myself alone on middle beach walking towards Putsborough, ankle deep in evening summer sea, small atlantic rollers pushing in, windless calm at the end of a warm sunny day.

Oil painting on board, finished with satin artists quality varnish, size including the frame (which is a nice chunky 4cm deep): 30cms by 37.5cms

This framed painting is now sold £165 plus P&P

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Avral" - commissioned oil painting

horse portrait

Avral was commissioned as a surprise present by Scotty Burrows for his wife. Over a few beers at a friends birthday some 6 months ago, Scotty, a frustrated artist, admitted he'd promised his wife years ago he would paint a portrait of her horse for her, work life had led him down different avenues and he admitted he just didn't have the time now, with kids, family life and work commitments, and the odd surf taking a dent in any free creative time. So i agreed i'd have a look and see what i could come up with. We had two fun photo sessions, in a sunny field above Woolacombe, with a bag of carrots and apples in tow as we attempted to coax Avral into the right angle of light and facial expression i had in mind, it was some effort eliciting co-operation but the carrots were a firm favourite and with both of us prancing around the field we managed to get some good source photo's that i could use.

Avral is painted in oil on canvas, size 60cms by 45.6cms, and finished with artists grade varnish. He was a challenge to paint but the final result was worth the effort.

I'll always consider any Horse portrait commissions, they are time consuming and good photo's/sketches on site are essential, but there is something truely lovely about horses and the challenge of capturing their likeness is a fulfilling one.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Heavenly spotlights, Baggy Point

watercolour seascape north devon

Dramatic skies from the end of Baggy point, North devon, the sun kept breaking through, creating these spots of light, like heavenly spot lights....

Painted on Saunders waterford 140lb paper with Daniel Smith watercolours, the image size is 17cms by 12cms, to full frame edge is 26.5cms by 20.5cms.
Sold £85

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saunton down from Saunton sands

Same day, more dramatic skys and local beaches, another favourite place and view, Saunton sands hotel in the distance...
Painted on Saunders waterford 140lb paper with Daniel Smith watercolours, the image size is 17cms by 12cms, to full frame edge is 26.5cms by 20.5cms.
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